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Water Helmet   – Talat Healing Practitioner Certification

   – Bioenergetic Jedi Training

   – Hands-on-Healing Modalities

   – Quantum Medicine Apprenticeships

   – Activate Your Super Powers!

When clients first ask: “Do you think I’m an energy healer?” I know the resounding answer – YES!

Humans are natural electric superstars of manifestation, and I’ve never met a psychonaut who wasn’t a high-vibe Gene-Yes at healing once they know and trust their talents. My goal in this popular Talat Healer Bioenergetic Certification Program is to give you the training, modalities, skills, and Jedi-confidence to shine your unique light, gifts, and healing artisanry in the world. All levels welcome, from newbies to advanced big-wavers.

The Certification track is included in the “Going All The Way, Your Way!Platinum and Silver Psychonaut Packages. You can get healed, trained, and certified in one go with no added cost. Course duration depends on the package.

You can check out the programs and fill out the Psychonaut Application, or reach out to me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your maestro-healer path.


Phone: 347-210-3892


“There is light within a person of light and it shines on the whole world.” – Gospel of Thomas


More on Talat Healing Certification

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Offering a rare integration of psychonauting, hands-on healing, Bioenergetic process work, and life mastery training, this program provides a profound immersive experience for those wishing to take their evolution to the next level.

Students will give and receive a variety of energy medicine treatments, “Electric Jesus” Skype-o-naut apprentice with me to hone your skills, participate in Team Psychonaut Webinars and complete the first and second 90-Day Program, including reading assignments, and 2 tests.


What We’ll Cover:

How to See, Feel, Hear, Heal, & Create with Energy

Chakra Activations: Color, Sound, Breathe Therapy

Hands on Healing and Chakra Balancing

Avatar Energy: Air, Fire, Earth, Water Bending

The Power of Positive Momentum

Healing Modalities for the 5 Bioenergetic Defense Structures 

Fluff & Spike: Advance Quantum Medicine Training

Sleuthing: The Bioenergetic “Psychic Detective”

Connecting with Guides, Muses, & Power Animals

Shamanaut Toolkits

Brain & Hormone Balance, Addiction Healing, Past Life Healing

Sex Energy Medicine: The Power of the Pleasure Revolution

Nonviolent Communication

Anger, Power, & Advanced Spike-o-nautics

Dream Therapy

How to Start/Run Your Own Healing Practice

And much more!

Talat on the Electric Jesus

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