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Gnosis: The Not-So Secret History of Jesus

Huffington Post, 2012

The rites of the various Jesus mystery schools provided a rare alchemical education for initiates, unifying spiritual energy (pneuma, as the early Christians called it). In the words of The Gospel of Philip, “The Lord did everything in a mystery, a baptism and a chrism, and a eucharist and a redemption and a bridal chamber. … he said, ‘I came to make the things below like the things above, and the things outside like the things inside. I came to unite them in the place.”

The Healing Power of Anger

Reality Sandwich, 2010

Many healers and seekers prefer the “spiritual bypass” when it comes to addressing anger.  But anger is a lot like fire.  Yes, it can burn and destroy, but it can also serve as an extraordinary evolutionary gift. Anger is power, personal power, and when merged with love, it can give us strength to do things we never would have imagined.

The Rise of the New Spiritual Counterculture

Huffington Post, 2012

Generally I’ve found this new spiritual counterculture believes that our monochromatic, corporate society has failed us, given us information over wisdom, consumerism over community, false advertising over deeper healing. Many seem to have given up on fixing the old systems and are now building new models of coexistence and sustainability, ones that enable us live and share our unique gifts, and to reconnect with the sacredness of nature and each other.

Treating America’s Psychopathy

Reality Sandwich, 2009

When it comes to Bioenergetic defense structures, the United States is first and foremost a “psychopath.”  How do we treat this condition in the land of “God, guns, and country” and can these destructive energies be transmuted to help manifest a global shift in consciousness?

A Nation of Masochists?

Reality Sandwich, 2010

After writing an article about the psychopathic defenses of U.S. power structures, it hit me that our mass population may have a reactionary personality type to our nation’s overarching one.  According to Bioenergetic therapy, millions of Americans might suffer from masochism.  If so, what can we do about it?

What Jennifer Aniston May Not Know About Ayahuasca

Huffington Post, 2012

In just a few years, the once secret “shamans brew” of the Amazon has snaked its way into the popular consciousness, including the entertainment industry with cameos in the TV shows “Weeds” and “Nip/Tuck” and now the movie “Wanderlust.” But the question remains: Can Hollywood portray this ancient medicinal, psychonautic elixir with the maturity and complexity necessary to address its multifaceted experiences?

Top 10 Books of the New Edge

Reality Sandwich, 2012

A generation of avant-garde writers are making conscious magazine headlines and electrifying the festival-speakers’ circuit. Featuring a brutally honest look at the shadow self, and society at large, these books are not fluffy New Age reads. They are harder to define, hosting a multidimensional mix of spiritual awakening, new media activism, punk attitude, Burning Man aesthetic, and Occupy ideologies.

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