“F— Yeah!” Psychonaut Sessions

F-Yeah 400
“Talat, I want to change and upgrade all aspects of my life – to make everything awesome.”

Requests like these are the most exciting to me, as my passion is guiding trailblazers to go bold and big-wave in manifesting all their wildest desires and dreams.  And guess what?  It always works out. 

After a decade of initiation (Reiki, Bioenergetics training, 100+ ayahuasca ceremonies), I’ve discovered an incredible quantum flow state to release old blocks and reach goals so good, we almost can’t believe the results.  It’s called “The F— Yeah! Frequency.”

When you’re radiating at 95% or higher, aligning with your own illuminated awesomeness, you become an unstoppable energetic force, a creative powerhouse who can manifest multiple desires simultaneously – superstellar health, globe-trotting renaissance careers, sexy relationships, amazing adventures, travel, and friends. The problem is when we oscillate below our natural electric state, we find ourselves ill, anxious, purposeless, and angry.  So, why go there?

Mountain350Our Initial Psychonaut Session will employ advanced shamanaut tools and Bioenergetic techniques culled from 10-years of practice to uncover your unique “F— Yeah!” intentions, desires, and dreams. This is not therapy. This is accelerated energetics, so we’ll be tricking the system with Jedi healing moves, psychonaut journeywork, bioenergetic investigation – everything that actually works to get the best results, and have a blast along the way.

We’ll also map out an accelerated program to get you flowing at 95% or higher in your daily life. And you’ll have someone to hold you accountable for making significant change. My clients value this ongoing expansion and accountability, and meet up weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on their needs, and their next big wave adventures. If you’re really passionate about accelerating your path, you’ll likely enjoy my 12-Week Shamanaut Personal Training Package (a favorite among clients).

So… What’s your big, bold “F—- Yeah!”?


INITIAL PSYCHONAUT SESSION                                           ONGOING RATES
F—- Yeah Set-up Rate                                                               $135 – 1.5 Hours
$95 for 1.5 hours – a $65 discount                                         $95 for 1 Hour

                                     – Skype-o-naut from around the world
                                     – In-Person Sessions: Space Camp – Topanga, LA

             Medical Cannabis Sessions available – a client favorite.  Afternoon and evenings only. 


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Phone:  347-210-3892

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