Jonathan Talat Phillips: Bioenergetic Healer, Author, Speaker
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Feeling frustrated with a lack of media presence and visibility? Are you craving less busywork and more time in the spotlight?  How about accessing new communities to grow your business and spread its mission?  Or delivering that ace Ted Talk you’ve been dreaming of

When it comes to media, why do mediocre, when you can go X-treme? 

Johnny Angel’s media strategies have helped build international movements, companies, and the careers of thought-leaders for over two decades.  His multi-faceted, comprehensive media program provides everything you need to take your company, career, and media presence to the X-treme


  • X-treme Mastermind Sessions
  • Online/Offline Vision-Work, Branding, Media, Movement Building, Editing
  • Comprehensive Media Platform Set-up + Game Plan + Execution
  • X-treme Writing for Brands, Websites, Taglines, Ad Copy, Books, Articles, Talks
  • Access to Podcasters, Publishers, Web Magazines, Online Communities, Media Contacts
  • Representation in Johnny’s Social Media Platforms
  • X-treme Focus on Bringing in Revenue and Building Your Brand/Movement
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About Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel (Jonathan Talat Phililps) co-founded the international web-magazine Reality, The Evolver Network, Evolver Editions, and Extreme Shamanism.  He is author the groundbreaking book, “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic,” and has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, The Hollywood Reporter, Time, and the cover of NY Magazine.  He currently shares his Extreme Media techniques with trailblazing companies, influencers, and movement builders.



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